Complaints Procedure

We are committed to providing an efficient and effective service to all our clients. If something goes wrong we want you to tell us about it.

Complaints for Butler Sherborn offices in Cirencester, Burford, Stow-on-the-Wold

Our Complaints Policy

The person appointed to deal with complaints is:

Richard Greasby

Butler Sherborn LLP, 43-45 Castle Street, Cirencester, Glos. GL7 1QD

01285 883740

  • A complaint is defined as “any expression of dissatisfaction”
  • Where the complaint is initially made orally, the client and anyone else who we owe a duty of care too will be requested to send a written summary of their complaint to Richard Greasby (or an elected senior colleague if the complaint relates to work undertaken by him).
  • Once we have received a written summary of the complaint, we will contact the client in writing within seven working days to inform them of our understanding of the circumstances leading to the complaint.  The client will be invited to make any comments that they may have in relation to this.
  • Butler Sherborn LLP are obliged by the RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) to operate a formal procedure for handling complaints, for which there is a minimum standard.
  • If you ever have any reason to raise an issue or make a complaint, which cannot be dealt with by your immediate point of contact in Butler Sherborn, we invite you to refer to our complaints procedure which you will find on our website at the bottom of our home page.
  • Within twenty-eight working days of receipt of the written summary, the person dealing with the complaint will write to the client, in order to inform them of the outcome of the investigation into the complaint. If a full response cannot be reasonably given within 28 days a written update will be provided within that time followed by the full response as soon as possible thereafter.
  • If the complaint has still not been resolved to the satisfaction of the client, we agree to the referral of the complaint to either:-

RICS Dispute Resolution Service (RICS DRS)

Surveyor Court
Westwood Way

T: 020 7334 3806
E: drs@rics.or

Ombudsman Services: Property (OS:P)

PO Box 1021
WA4 9FE 

T: 01925 530 270

Complaints Procedure for Butler Sherborn (Oxford)

Complaints Procedure for Butler Sherborn offices in Oxford and Wantage

Our Complaints Policy

We are committed to providing an efficient and effective Residential Sales service to all our clients. If something goes wrong we need you to tell us about it. We can then investigate with a view to trying to maintain and improve our standards of work and client care.

BSOx Limited t/a Butler Sherborn is regulated by the OEA and a copy of the Code of Practice can be viewed at , or alternatively can be provided by Butler Sherborn on request.

Our Complaints Procedure

If you have a complaint, in the first instance please contact Mr Gavin West.

What Will Happen Next

Gavin West will send you written confirmation acknowledging your complaint. If he needs further details from you before he starts to investigate the matter he will put this in the confirmation to you or contact you by telephone. You can expect to receive his acknowledgement within three working days of receiving your complaint.

Your complaint will be recorded in our Central Register and a folder opened for your complaint. We will do this within three working days of receiving your complaint.

Any details you send to Gavin to enable him to deal with your complaint will be acknowledged within three working days of receipt.

We will then start to investigate your complaint. This will normally involve the following steps:

  • The member of staff who acted for you will be asked to reply to your complaint within five working days.
  • Gavin will then examine their reply and the information you have given undertaking a branch investigation. This will take up to five working days from receiving the response from the member of staff, and the file.
  • A formal written outcome of the investigation will be sent to you within 15 days. If longer is needed you will be informed in writing, with an explanation, and given an indication of timescale.
  • Gavin will then invite you to a meeting to discuss and hopefully resolve your complaint. 

At this stage, if you are still not satisfied you can contact us again. We will then arrange for another Director/ another member of staff to review Gavin West’s decision within 15 working days. As this complaint will require a separate review of the complaint all of the above steps will be repeated by another Director/ another member of staff. 

If you remain dissatisfied with any aspect of our internal handling of your complaint and/or separate review, an application can be made to the Ombudsman with the authority to award redress, any such referral must be made within 6 months of the outcome of the final review. Referrals may be made to: 

The Property Ombudsman
Milford House
43-55 Milford Street

Tel: 01722 333306
Fax: 01722 332296