Common questions about renting

Answered to some of the questions most commonly asked by tenants.

What is the referencing process?

Butler Sherborn employs a third-party company to carry out referencing checks on all applicants whose offer has been accepted, subject to contract.

In order to successfully enter into a tenancy through Butler Sherborn, a satisfactory reference check must be completed and approved by the landlord.

The form of referencing includes (for each tenant) credit checks, current landlord reference, if applicable, and verification of earnings and employment status.

In respect of income verification, depending on your working situation, ie. whether you are employed or self-employed or other, there are certain documents you will need to provide to prove your income. However, the standard affordability criteria for all applicants, are that they must earn 2.5 x the annual rent. This can be a combined income between all parties entering into an agreement. If there is a need to have a guarantor, the income requirement is 3 x of the annual rent.

Please refer to the below example:

Monthly rent of £1000 x 12 months x 2.5 = gross annual income/savings of £30,000 will be required.

What supporting documents are required for referencing?

Please click on the link at the below for an outline of required documentation to be submitted to the referencing company.

What is the minimum rental period?
Our tenancies are usually Assured Shorthold Tenancies, which have a minimum six month term.  However, many landlords are looking for long term tenants and one year fixed term tenancies are the most popular with our landlords.

Will the rental property be professionally cleaned and what does this include?
We advise all our landlords to have their properties professionally cleaned before a new tenant moves in.  What is included in this depends upon the property and the landlord.  

Will a Schedule of Condition and Inventory be taken at the beginning of the tenancy?
We recommend that before a tenancy commences that an independent clerk be booked to prepare a Schedule of Condition and Inventory with photographs.

Will an information pack be available regarding the property equipment?
We advise our landlords to make this available so that tenants do not experience any problems when moving into the property.

What utility companies are serving the property and which Local Authority is to be contacted regarding Council Tax?
We will give you details of the utility companies, the Local Authority and the Council Tax Band on request.  The tenant needs to contact all these services directly to notify them of the tenancy start date, in the case of the utilities, to provide them with meter readings.

What is the post code of the property?
We will provide you with this if it is not included on the property details.

Do rental properties have Energy Performance Certificates?
Yes, these are available to be seen by any potential tenants on request.