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Sales Negotiator - Butler Sherborn Burford


Butler Sherborn is currently seeking an experienced, sales negotiator to assist in the Burford Office. The successful candidate will ideally have several years’ estate agency experience. Key attributes will include the ability to:


Communicate effectively with clients and buyers, verbally and in writing Generate appraisals and offers Produce and action marketing campaigns Generate and conduct viewings Personally drive the sales process Negotiate and close deals Build and maintain contacts Spot and exploit business opportunities


If you wish to work for a highly regarded, successful independent estate agency please call Sarah in confidence on 01285 883740 to discuss the role further.

Sarah Wenman

Butler Sherborn

43-45 Castle Street




Or email: sarah@butlersherborn.co.uk 

18th August 2017

Hillview appears to have all that anyone could wish for of an English country cottage, tranquillity, fine views, ‘roses round the door’ good looks, gorgeous garden and the potential to grow.


Hillview Cottage in Knighton is as pretty a cottage as ever you could hope to find, built principally of stone under a thatched roof (completely re-thatched in 2011).

It sits at the foot of The Downs on the very edge of the village looking north over The Vale of the White Horse with the most stunning far reaching views that you can imagine. Being set just a little way up the hill extends the reach and the effect of the view dramatically and there is barely a house to be seen in the wide vista that extends for miles towards Longcot and Faringdon.

The feeling is of looking at a model village with farms, cows, sheep, tractors etc dotted across the landscape to create a perfect rural idyll stretching out before you.

Hillview stands in a plot of circa 0.4 of an acre of beautifully manicured sloping lawns bounded by beech hedge with a similarly well kept kitchen garden close to the back door and a sweeping gravel drive leading to the garage and car port.... more

9th August 2017

Inactivity is bad for people's health, with experts describing it as a 'silent killer'. Many adults spend more than seven hours a day sitting down and for people aged 65 and over this can rise to ten hours or more.

Being more active can reduce the risk of major illnesses and walking is a great way to start. Walking is also good for reducing stress and fatigue, increasing your energy levels and improving your concentration.

To help people get out and about walking in their local communities we've put together a little information about lovely walks in Oxfordshire.

9th August 2017

Butler Sherborn are delighted to welcome Edward Knowles as a member of the Rural Team.


Edward has been a land agent for some 25 years. He has a wealth of experience managing estates and mixed farms across the country, and more recently in Norfolk and Gloucestershire

Edward will be reinforcing the busy Rural Team with Georgina Bush and Jonathan Malings, led by Richard Greasby. 

8th August 2017

Moreton Show - Saturday 2nd September 2017


Butler Sherborn is again delighted to sponsor The Members’ Enclosure on the Grand Arena at Moreton Show, Saturday 2nd September. This traditional Agricultural Society show offers a wide range of events for all, with an emphasis on  farm stock and the rural aspects of life. Members of the Butler Sherborn team will be in The Members’ Enclosure throughout the day, and welcome those of you wishing to pop in to see us for a drink.

The Cotswold Distillery are providing an exciting Gin Cocktail Bar, for the first time this year, in the Members Enclosure.



4th August 2017


Ben Way, Head of Butler Sherborn Equestrian, achieved an excellent result at the British Eventing Championships, Gatcombe this weekend,  coming 12th in the Intermediate, with Kate England’s Enduro A Dalriada, kindly sponsored by Walnut Hill Equine Veterinary Clinic http://www.walnuthillequine.co.uk. They will now head to Blenheim Palace 3*CIC in September.

Good Luck Ben!

3rd August 2017

Butler Sherborn's Gin of choice

Congratulations to Cotswolds Distillery on their GOLD OUTSTANDING AWARD 2017!

Do look at their Cotswolds Summer Cup on line too  ...



31st July 2017



"There remains a strong demand from buyers for realistically priced, good quality Cotswold property, across all price bands, despite the chronic political and economic volatility. Village properties, and those in our lovely market towns continue to attract a wide variety of buyers, both from within the local area and further afield. The school holidays as usual, will have an impact on activity but, we are feeling positive about this autumn."

Unicorn House is a new Co-working and Meeting space opening mid-September 2017 in Cirencester town centre. The co-working spaces have been designed to create an inspiring business environment for freelancers, entrepreneurs and start ups that don’t want or need a traditional office set up. The stylish meeting spaces have been created with both function and comfort in mind. Whether you are planning a formal presentation, team building day, board meeting or training course Unicorn House have a selection of rooms to choose from. Please see their website for more information  www.unicornhouse.co.uk

13th July 2017

As professional members and supporters of the Country Land and Business Association (CLA) Butler Sherborn are happy to promote their recently launched campaign, “The Countryside Matters”.

The aim is to demonstrate a high level of public support for continuing to invest in our countryside, so that the Government views farming, the rural economy and our landscapes as a spending priority, once the UK leaves the European Union. 

Land owning rural businesses are working day in, day out to deliver public benefits across our countryside. Those benefits include:

Producing Food

UK farmers produce a reliable source of home grown food helping to provide consumers with over 1 billion meals a week.

Delivering high standards of Animal Welfare

Production of high quality products following some of the highest animal welfare standards anywhere in the world.

Enhancing Wildlife

Leaving areas of land untouched by farming practices, or using... more

21st June 2017


The 9th Burford Festival drew to a close on Sunday 18th June, having benefitted from some stunning weather over the last 10 days.  The town came alive with the bunting running from the top to the bottom of the High Street and decorated shop fronts.  The events held were plentiful and varied, some of which included guided tours and talks about local history, literature workshops, open garden days, music and family events – all hosted by the local residents and businesses.


The Burford Festival, which was started back in 2001 has grown in recent years and now hails as the largest Festival in the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Beauty – with over 57 events over 10 days.  The festival is run biennially and attracts many visitors and tourists aswell as serving the people of the town and surrounding towns and villages.


The festival is a charity event organised and run by a fantastic team of willing volunteers, with the proceeds put towards future... more

20th June 2017

According to new data, renting a home is the cheaper option when compared to buying one in 54% of British cities

Recent research from property website Zoopla looked into the monthly cost of the average rental payments and mortgage payments for a 2 bedroom home in 50 of Britain’s largest cities.

The findings of this research revealed that on average, renting is £47 cheaper than buying with the average mortgage repayment at £737 and the average rental costs coming in at £670.

Over the past 9 months, there has been quite a shift in these statistics, as when the same research was carried out in October of 2016, it was more cost effective to buy in 60% of British cities.

When comparing each of the cities it was the residents of the capital that benefit the most from choosing to rent, as average mortgage payments for a London home (£3,0001) are almost double (47%) the average monthly rental payments (£1,861)

Other cities in which renting results in considerable monthly savings are Cambridge (30% cheaper), Brighton (27% cheaper) and Reading (26% cheaper).

Scotland... more

20th June 2017

In a new report from Barclays Bank, average property prices in the UK are predicted to rise by 6.1% over the next 5 years

The average property value is expected to hit £300,000 by 2021 and it is anticipated that the price gap between north and south properties will begin to close as hotspots in the north will emerge over the coming years.

The recent research from Barclays looked into a variety of factors such as current house prices, employment levels, rental trends and commuter behaviour in order to determine the up and coming property hotspots throughout the UK.

While the uncertain political and economic climate was taken into consideration, the report details that high employment rates coupled with increases in average earnings will result in rising property prices throughout the country to an average of 6.1% by 2021.

On a regional level, it is London that is expected to see the largest increase with an annual price jump of 2.2%, resulting in a huge cumulative rise of 11.8% across the next 5 years. Following closely behind is East Anglia at 9.3% and the South East with a... more

20th June 2017

The National Masters Rowing Championships Is, just as it says on the tin, the annual gathering of 'Masters' rowers from all over the country to compete on the 6 lane 2km rowing lake at Holme Pierrpoint, Nottingham. While 'Masters' are indeed rowers of more mature years it should be noted that in the world of rowing your are deemed to be a 'Master' from the tender age of 27 years!

These national races are then held as six lane side by side events over a 1,000m course, almost always into a headwind and on this particular day that wind was said to be circa 30mph and creating large hairy waves near the start. Conditions were so extreme that the whole event had to be stopped and cancelled mid-afternoon for safety reasons.

Masters are graded into age categories and our man Cuan was taking part in a coxed four for the 'F' category (over 60s). Fellow crew mates Tim, Troupy and Simon together with cox Karen made a conscious decision to shorten the strokes a little through the... more

20th June 2017

As Summer Approaches Us… As the warm British summer approaches us and we traditionally spend more time outside, it is worth considering the following:-

Noise pollution and respecting your surroundings

Much of the attraction of renting a property in the Cotswolds is to take advantage of the beautiful surrounding countryside, spending many hours socialising with friends & family outdoors. However before you go dusting off the BBQ and positioning your wireless loud speakers, it is important to consider any noise pollution clause within your tenancy agreement in order to ensure you are not in breech, thereby avoiding any potential conflict with neighbours or more importantly your Landlord!

Being a conscientious tenant, becomes more relevant in the summer months, especially when you have neighbouring properties, regardless if owners or tenants,  they too have rights and therefore it is advisable to avoid any cause they may have to report disturbances  - from barking dogs, noisy outdoor activities, fire pits or BBQ’s. Should you be planning an outdoor party; be it for a large group or just a small get together with a... more

15th June 2017

There are several different types of tenancies in England and Wales with several different types of statutory regimes.

Rent Act

Historically tenancies were covered by the Rent Act 1977. These tenancies can no longer be created and are generally dying out. However, these tenancies provided a very high level of protection to tenants for life and benefitted from below market rents.

Housing Act

The vast majority of tenancies created today now fall under the Housing Act 1988. The Act applies where tenancies are created on or after 15 January 1989 and creates one of two types of tenancies. The tenancy was either an Assured Tenancy or an Assured Shorthold Tenancy if the landlord served a section 20 notice advising the tenant that his tenancy was NOT an Assured Tenancy. An Assured Tenancy is a tenancy for life, which means it is very difficult to evict a tenant, and a tenancy at a market rent. Assured Shorthold Tenancies are created, as stated above, on the service of the Section 20 Notice or those created after 28 February 1997. The vast majority of tenancies today are Assured Shorthold Tenancies... more

13th June 2017


General Election Result


It would be unrealistic to think that the unexpected result of the General Election won’t have some effect on the country property market. People hate uncertainty and this, on the face of it, will perpetuate that.

However the Conservative party's decisive decision to back Teresa May in the forming of a new government will help while the dust settles. Hopefully after that they will, from the lessons learnt, focus on a clear strategy for Brexit, the British economy and national security. Stability and confidence is what we want and I hope that out of this scenario we will see that.

I have spoken to both buyers and sellers since last Thursday, 8th June. There is no one who is not surprised by the outcome but most seem pragmatic and take the view that life must go on and business as usual. To date we have seen limited negative reaction. Indeed a number of sales went through on Friday and it was a good day for offers as well... more

9th June 2017

A General Election post-mortem for the property industry

We now have the result of the hastily called General Election, and frankly if we all ran our businesses in the manner that The Conservative Party ran their campaign, we’d be out of business. The ruling party failed to follow that old adage of Bill Clinton’s, “it’s the economy stupid”, so the economic success of UK PLC since the Credit Crunch was completely ignored, and it is the success of British businesses small, medium and large that creates the tax revenues and inward investment that keeps this country on a buoyant footing.

So whilst we stare at the abject failure of British party politics, at least British businesses will push forward and create the fertile ground for future success, and it will hopefully be our children’s generation that sort  out the political landscape, and clear up the mess of the now failed British party political model.

This General Election “sideshow” only served to create uncertainty in a British property market already subdued in volume... more

9th June 2017

There continues to be a shortage of good quality equestrian properties available to both rent and buy in the Cotswolds and surrounding areas. The area remains hugely popular with those looking for equestrian property, and as such we have a seen a good level of competition when the right properties become available.

It is never easy to accurately gauge the rental market, as many equestrian properties do not reach the open market. The majority of the yards let by Butler Sherborn in the last 18 months have been snapped up by tenants registered with us, and therefore have never come to the market. This level of demand has resulted in some good rents being achieved.  However, running genuinely profitable equestrian businesses remains extremely difficult, and therefore rents need to remain at a sensible level to ensure that tenancies are sustainable.


We have seen a shortage of equestrian properties coming to the market to buy. This has resulted in some good sales for the right properties. However, some of the larger and more specialist properties have been taking a long time to sell, despite the fact that they are beautifully presented with all the ‘bells and whistles’. This indicates that there is currently a shortage of buyers at the very top end of the equestrian market for... more

9th June 2017


With many farmers and landowners claiming under the Basic Payment Scheme there is the ever present possibility of a Cross Compliance inspection.

Reports suggest that farmers can expect to be inspected at least once in every seven years. With an increased emphasis on farm inspections from the Rural Payment Agency and growing numbers of unannounced inspections, or inspections with under 24 hours notice, it’s important to know the areas where you may fall foul of the regulations.

Who is effected?

All claimants under the Basic Payment Scheme, Countryside Stewardship and  Environmental Stewardship.  Landowners whose land is claimed under the Basic Payment Scheme by tenants or those who own livestock.

Who inspects and Why?

The Rural Payment Agency (RPA) undertake the majority of inspections, other bodies may inspect regarding other environmental schemes, animal welfare and for farm/crop assurance purposes... more

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