There are some changes to the Basic Payment Scheme (BSP) rules that apply from 2021 onwards, which are outlined below:

  1. Removal of greening requirement: all 3 greening requirements have been removed – crop diversification, Ecological Focus Areas and the greening permanent grassland rules
  2. Removal of cross-border applications: RPA will process and pay your English entitlements only
  3. Removal of entitlement usage rules: removes the entitlement expiry usage rules from 2021 onwards
  4. Supporting documents: Accepted until 11 June, without reductions or penalties being applied to your application
  5. Amend your application: amendments to an applications accepted up to 11 June, without applying reductions or penalties, as long as the original application was submitted by 17 May deadline.
  6. Force majeure: notification period extended from 15 days to 8 weeks
  7. BPS 2021 payments: will have reductions applied to them as set out in the Farming is Changing leaflet.

If you have any questions or require more information please do not hesitate to contact Georgina Bush or Hennie Carter on 01285 883 740.


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Mrs Tucker June 2020

I have been seriously impressed with your team at Butler Sherborn. Karen and Vanessa have been incredibly helpful and efficient, so huge thanks from me.
— Mrs Tucker, June 2020