As professional members and supporters of the Country Land and Business Association (CLA) Butler Sherborn are happy to promote their recently launched campaign, “The Countryside Matters”.

The aim is to demonstrate a high level of public support for continuing to invest in our countryside, so that the Government views farming, the rural economy and our landscapes as a spending priority, once the UK leaves the European Union. 

Land owning rural businesses are working day in, day out to deliver public benefits across our countryside. Those benefits include:

Producing Food

UK farmers produce a reliable source of home grown food helping to provide consumers with over 1 billion meals a week.

Delivering high standards of Animal Welfare

Production of high quality products following some of the highest animal welfare standards anywhere in the world.

Enhancing Wildlife

Leaving areas of land untouched by farming practices, or using techniques which have low environmental impact, help provide natural habitats for wildlife, including vital pollinators such as bees.

Storing Water

Slowing the flow of water by allowing land to flood or storing it in reservoirs can help prevent flooding further down the catchment in towns and cities.

Improving water quality

Farmers and landowners introduce measures such as river meanders that improve the health and vitality of our rivers and streams, supporting the fish, wildlife and plants that live in or rely on them.

Providing Access

Access to the countryside has clear health, social and educational benefits and helps promote rural tourism, creating thousands of jobs.

Maintaining Traditional Landscape Features

Construction and maintenance of traditional features, for example dry stone walls, enhances our much valued national landscape.

Planting and Protecting Trees

Planting trees reduces flood risk by slowing the flow of water while woodland and forests that are actively managed provide better habitats for wildlife.

Maintaining the Uplands

Upland farmers have been managing the uplands for generations, creating and caring for the iconic landscapes that are valued by people from across the country, as well as delivering vital environmental benefits.

Storing Carbon

The countryside is a vital carbon store that helps to mitigate climate change.

If you enjoy a vibrant, living and working countryside then we encourage you to support the CLA’s campaign, in one of three ways:-

  • Sign up for updates and take part in campaign initiatives at
  • Follow the campaign on social media @clatweets.
  • Tweet why the countryside matters to you using the #thecountrysidematters.

Butler Sherborn fully supports this initiative, and will be further promoting the public benefits of our countryside in newsletters over the coming months.

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Mrs Tucker June 2020

I have been seriously impressed with your team at Butler Sherborn. Karen and Vanessa have been incredibly helpful and efficient, so huge thanks from me.
— Mrs Tucker, June 2020