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13th May 2022

Potential buyers are increasingly turning to private sales to try and purchase land without it being available to the public. So if you are thinking of selling, should you pursue a private sale or go to the open market?

In some circumstances, private sales can benefit from discretion, speed, and premiums paid. The reasons why sellers may choose to sell off-market include privacy, or wanting to test the market and see how much money they are offered, before committing to a sale. A neighbour, for example, may be willing to pay a worthwhile premium to stop a property being launched on the open market.

However, in some circumstances, it may be advisable to test the open market, create competition and to... more

12th April 2022
Bird in flight highlighting Diversity Net Gain

Did you know that the UK is one of the most environmentally degraded countries in the world? This is one of the reasons why the concept of Biodiversity Net Gain was introduced by the Environment Act 2021. Biodiversity Net Gain seeks to ensure that natural habitat which is lost to a development scheme is not just replaced, but instead is enhanced by a further 10%.

It is expected that the Act will become fully effective in Autumn 2023. Although not yet compulsory, some local councils are moving towards Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) by insisting that there is no net loss to biodiversity when granting planning consent for new schemes, in the meantime.

BNG is calculated by reference to several key steps.  Firstly a “Phase 1” habitat survey is carried out on the development scheme, to establish a baseline of what type of habitat is present, and how... more

5th April 2022

An interview with Richard Greasby - What brought you initially to the Cotswolds? 

I was born into a farming family in Oxfordshire, and came to the Cotswolds to study for my degree in Rural Land Management at the RAU about 30 years ago!  I took my first job with Strutt & Parker in Moreton in Marsh.....................and haven't left the area since, with the Cotswolds becoming my home. I now live with my wife and three children near Winchcombe, where we are all fully embedded in many aspects of the local community.

How did you become involved in rural property... more

11th February 2022

The Rural Payments Agency (RPA) confirmed last week that the Rural Payments service is now available for transferring land and entitlements online, in preparation for this year’s Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) applications.

The BPS application window is due to open online on the 15th March and the 2022 application deadline closes at midnight on 16th May.  This year will be the second year of BPS progressive reductions, as part of the phasing out of Direct Payments to 2027.

If you would like any assistance with a Basic Payment Scheme application this year, please do not hesitate to contact Laura Negus  01285 883740


16th December 2020


Like all areas of business and commerce farming has had a difficult year and will not escape 2020 unharmed. The key messages in DEFRA’s recent total income from farming forecast are: (when compared to 2019)

Total Income from Farming is expected to be £4,151 million, a decrease of £1,127 million(-21%) Agriculture is expected to contribute £9,360 million to the national economy (Gross Value Added), a decrease of £1,048 million (-10%) Weather conditions coupled with the Covid-19... more
10th December 2020


Basic Payment Scheme - Payment reductions confirmed for 2021 to 2027

It has now been confirmed how Direct Payments are to be phased out in England from 2021 to 2027. Reductions to BPS payments will start from 2021 and are to be reduced progressively until 2027. The reductions are to apply to the total payment the farmer would have received each year and are to work in a similar way to income tax bands, with bigger reductions for the higher payment bands.

The reduction... more

13th May 2020

“A week is a long time in politics” – so is a day!  In the morning yesterday the Housing Secretary tells us no easing on estate agency and in the afternoon the Health Secretary amends the Covid-19 regulations that allow buyers, tenants and agents to travel to visit houses!


Accordingly we are now able to organise viewings and market appraisals and, importantly buyers and tenants know that they are now allowed to come and see houses and to resume their moving plans. ... more

6th May 2020


“Pick For Britain” 

Only a third of the seasonal pickers from oversees have arrived in the UK. To help ensure the UK fruit and vegetable harvest goes ahead, the government has launched their new website  Farm businesses are being encouraged to post their job vacancies to help recruit the 80,000 seasonal agricultural workers needed.  The government hopes that this could create an opportunity for... more

21st April 2020

Rights of Way and Covid 19

Farmers and Landowners have, not surprisingly, seen an increase in the use of footpaths and bridleways as part of the publics permitted daily exercise during the Covid-19 lock down. Although a great resource for the public to be able to exercise in the countryside, it comes with additional risks to those who work in it, live in it and also those now exploring it.

Despite the temptation for farmers and landowners to block or obstruct a right of way... more

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Patience, Gorgs and Alex Geikie, April 2021

We are a returning client of Butler Sherborn and we would highly recommend them if you’re looking to sell your property. The two properties we sold with BS were very different, but the BS team have always been extremely professional, approachable and friendly. And their communication skills are second to none! Thank you again!
— Patience, Gorgs and Alex Geikie, April 2021