It is hugely difficult, during these unprecedented times, to be able to make accurate forecasts for the future of the property market. Indeed it is very hard indeed to predict what life itself will look like in even a month's time for us all, as we adapt to what will  be fundamental changes to life and how we live it.

Despite this uncertainty, at Butler Sherborn we have been working very hard to build and maintain as much momentum as we can, in preparation for these next stages. We'll know more once the Government lays out its next steps after the Bank Holiday weekend; in the meantime we stay in regular touch with clients and buyers alike, in order to be able to put our best foot forward when the moment arises.  Similarly should you wish to speak to any of us we are, as ever, at the end of mobiles and on email at all times; it is business as close to usual as we can make it! During our downtime (like so many others) there is exercising, gardening - even the domestic chores are being completed in record time, while the oft-ignored home jobs list continues to dwindle. 

But above all, of course, we continue to be hugely appreciative of the key workers who continue to work under the most challenging of conditions. As I conclude this, there are the first mentions of the easing of restrictions and getting back to work. This is progress.  We shall stay in regular contact, and we very much hope that the path ahead becomes clearer soon.

Sending our best wishes; stay safe and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Cotswold Land

Pip Menzel - November 2019

At all points I have found Butler Sherborn to of gone above and beyond to help with the process of selling our house. They offer a service that is modern in its approach yet old-fashioned and uniquely personable. We have found they're thoughtful and their knowledge of the market is second to none.
— Pip Menzel, November 2019