These are such very difficult times for everyone in lockdown due to the unprecedented Coronavirus Pandemic.

This will, of course, end but at a human and financial cost.  With everyone’s support for the NHS, and amongst ourselves in our communities, we will get through this together.

At Butler Sherborn, we are following all the  Government rules and NHS guidelines, whilst our staff, working remotely, endeavour to provide clients with services, and advice where we can.  We are very much on the end of our telephones and e-mails.

Clearly we all need to keep busy; exercising while doing housework, walking (once a day!), keeping the dog fit, gardening and house decorating!  Never will spring cleaning be so efficiently done.

On house moving, the Government’s advice is worth studying. It has advised everyone involved not to stop, but to adapt to the new restrictions.  

There is no need to pull out of transactions; defer the completion, unless for critical moves where there is an exemption, or the property is vacant.  If moving is unavoidable people can proceed following social distancing rules.  Exchanges remain possible, where measures are agreed to delay completion.  Banks and mortgage companies have agreed that offers should be extended for up to 3 months.

As to a prediction about the property market post movement restrictions. This is difficult to judge.  We will open for business again fully, as soon as we can.  Buyers and sellers see this as a temporary hold of their plans, and so we anticipate things happening straight away. That said, we cannot ignore the effects lockdown will have had on people’s livelihoods and that will take time to recover.

For any help and advice, on your property or aspects of the property market, please do contact  07778 476518.

Cirencester Estate Agent

Patience, Gorgs and Alex Geikie, April 2021

We are a returning client of Butler Sherborn and we would highly recommend them if you’re looking to sell your property. The two properties we sold with BS were very different, but the BS team have always been extremely professional, approachable and friendly. And their communication skills are second to none! Thank you again!
— Patience, Gorgs and Alex Geikie, April 2021