The timber market remains strong due mainly to the national shortage of supply

Prices for clearfells of good quality softwood are £70 standing and have crept above this for easily accessible parcels with high saw log content.

The demand for pallet wood and chipwood thinning parcels is also strong, and they are fetching good prices. This is resulting in intense competition for standing softwood of all grades. To secure high prices therefore, it is essential to go to the open market with a properly run tender to ensure best value. Below is a guide as to the delivered prices that can be achieved, subject to the grade of timber.


Saw logs -          £80-£90/t (delivered)     Roadside - £65-£75/t

Pallet wood -      £75-£85/t (delivered)    Roadside - £60-70/t

Fencing -            £65-£75/t (delivered)    Roadside - £50-£60/t

Chipwood           £60-£65/t (delvered0     Roadside - £45-£50/t

Firewood (Hardwood) - £55-65/t roadside

However there are some uncertainties on the horizon

  • Global slowdown in timber demand and prices
  • Brexit uncertainty
  • Pound strengthening against the Euro
  • Oil prices falling

The net result of any, or all, of the above might lead to a flood of timber on to the market, causing prices to fall back from their current highs. With contractors offering competitive prices, then the early bird will catch the worm this year.


Oak - Saw log prices are also at unprecedented levels, with beam oak achieving £7 - £8.50 per hft (hoppus foot) at roadside, and quality planking oak reaching £10.50 per hft

Ash – With the ever present threat of Chalara (ash die-back) throughout the region, then decisions need to made as to whether stands of Ash are thinned to reduce the impact of the disease, to make a financial return from the timber (firewood) before becoming infected.

Once Chalara sets in it can bring further problems to woodland owners in that;

  • When felling diseased trees the risk of harm to contractors heightens due to rotten tops and limbs in the canopy
  • The yield of timber from the felling reduces as the branches and stems are prone to shatter, therefore no saleable timber can be recovered.

There is a re-stocking grant available for diseased parcels of Ash, which can be re-stocked with Oak and a Nurse crop of Norway Spruce or Douglas Fir.

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