With the current uncertainly surrounding Britain’s exit from the EU and the potential impact on the property market, sellers are hesitant to bring their properties to the open market.

However, life goes on and there are still plenty of motivated clients wanting to sell, albeit via a confidential, private sales campaign at this stage. This, combined with the traditional wait prior to a Spring launch for landed and equestrian properties, has resulted in Butler Sherborn currently having over £20 million worth of Equestrian Properties available privately.

If you are a motivated buyer looking for an equestrian property in the Cotswolds, or a seller wanting to target our list of registered equestrian buyers, please do get in touch with Ben Way, Head of Butler Sherborn Equestrian.

We have a great list of properties spread throughout the Cotswolds with Guide Prices ranging from £950,000 to £7 million.

Please contact Ben Way  01451 830731  ben@butlersherborn.co.uk

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