On the 29th June at around 8.00 a.m. I will be starting my 100 km Ultra Marathon attempt along the Cotswold Way between Bath and Cheltenham.

Huge thanks to those who have sponsored me already. I’m hoping to smash my initial targets for both the British Heart Foundation and Doddie Weirs Motor Neuron Disease Foundation so any other donations anyone can spare would be absolutely amazing.

Take a look at my summary page through the link below and you can navigate to either of the Charity Pages which have updates and photos taking you through some of the training runs I’ve been on.


Here’s a brief summary of my last 6 months:

1. My training since Christmas has had me running about 550 miles with 30 hours in the gym.

2. I’ve completed 10  half marathons and 7 marathons , all cross country and unsupported 

3. Weight dropped from 14st 7oz to 12 st 11oz. Clothes not fitting!

4. Only one blister

5. Only one toe nail falling off

6. No joint injuries - other than a smashed up shoulder after falling off a stone wall at mile 27 on a training run. Still painful after 7 weeks.

7. Tendons in left ankle feel like a bag of spanner’s on occasions but let’s ignore that.....

8. Amazing support and patience from Carol and the children who have put up with me disappearing for hours on end 

9. Now feeling rather daunted by the whole thing but absolutely DETERMINED to do it.

I will report how I get on!

cotswolds properties

Mrs Tucker June 2020

I have been seriously impressed with your team at Butler Sherborn. Karen and Vanessa have been incredibly helpful and efficient, so huge thanks from me.
— Mrs Tucker, June 2020