Elizabeth D'Allemagne, Partner


After a long winter, the tardy arrival of Spring has brought with it a determination from buyers who remain frustrated at having failed to find the right house last year.

Brexit aside, and despite the ongoing political volatility, buyers seem to have decided that life has to go on.

This appears to be the case especially for those who live in the Cotswolds, as local buyers accounted for 61% of our purchasers in 2017.

However, buyers are understandably demanding in terms of requirements and appear reluctant to compromise. Therefore we are advising our sellers that everything about their property should be ‘tip top’ before marketing.

The Cotswolds is a uniquely beautiful and accessible part of the country and buyers recognise that property remains a solid investment.

Butler Sherborn have a superb portfolio of houses to sell this year and we look forward to helping both buyers and sellers move forward with the next chapter of their lives.

Elizabeth D'Allemagne, Partner

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Cotswold Land

Pip Menzel - November 2019

At all points I have found Butler Sherborn to of gone above and beyond to help with the process of selling our house. They offer a service that is modern in its approach yet old-fashioned and uniquely personable. We have found they're thoughtful and their knowledge of the market is second to none.
— Pip Menzel, November 2019