As Summer Approaches Us… As the warm British summer approaches us and we traditionally spend more time outside, it is worth considering the following:-

Noise pollution and respecting your surroundings

Much of the attraction of renting a property in the Cotswolds is to take advantage of the beautiful surrounding countryside, spending many hours socialising with friends & family outdoors. However before you go dusting off the BBQ and positioning your wireless loud speakers, it is important to consider any noise pollution clause within your tenancy agreement in order to ensure you are not in breech, thereby avoiding any potential conflict with neighbours or more importantly your Landlord!

Being a conscientious tenant, becomes more relevant in the summer months, especially when you have neighbouring properties, regardless if owners or tenants,  they too have rights and therefore it is advisable to avoid any cause they may have to report disturbances  - from barking dogs, noisy outdoor activities, fire pits or BBQ’s. Should you be planning an outdoor party; be it for a large group or just a small get together with a friend, it would be advisable to politely warn any neighbours of your plans  – should it not be a regular occurrence, then maybe they might be a little forgiving!

Along with the enjoyment of late summer nights, and anything ‘flame’ related, comes a potential fire hazard. It is therefore also imperative with any rented property, to correctly and safely enjoy such outdoor pursuits…again we would advise you check any relevant clauses within your tenancy agreement ensuring you are permitted to use such items and the correct insurances are in place protecting both yourself and the landlord.

Now you can have fun and enjoy a summer in the Cotswolds!

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Mrs Tucker June 2020

I have been seriously impressed with your team at Butler Sherborn. Karen and Vanessa have been incredibly helpful and efficient, so huge thanks from me.
— Mrs Tucker, June 2020