Country Houses range in size and character, from farmhouses to larger manor houses up to mansions, often (but not always) with some additional land, buildings and other property.

Butler Sherborn’s 25 years expertise in property, land & asset management, has allowed us to help many Country House owner fulfil their aims and objectives for the management of their rural assets as well as gaining maximum enjoyment from their country retreat.

Owning a country house, whether on its own or part of a wider rural estate, often involves dealing with complex and unique issues. Each needs to be resolved sensitively, cost-effectively and efficiently. Butler Sherborn can provide advice on project management, staffing, land use, tenancies, capital expenditure, environmental issues and grants.  We can advise how to protect and enhance property value and how to ensure running costs are appropriate for the size of house. Our expertise in land and property management enables our client’s country homes to evolve with the times, whilst preserving the qualities that make them unique.

In every case, our principles remain the same: to understand our clients aims and objectives, protect and, where possible, enhance our client’s investment whilst minimising risk and expenditure. Whether it be a large estate with multiple properties including farmland, woodland and sporting interests, or a country house that serves as a weekend retreat, our business to ensure that the client enjoys their home, whilst preserving their assets in a sustainable way for future generations to enjoy.

Altering, improving and running a country house can be an unfamiliar process that demands time that many owners do not have, particularly when living abroad or visiting at weekends. Our Country House Consultancy service is intended to provide whatever level of support that is needed, including some or all of the following;

  • Consultancy – specific one off advice on part or all of the property including;
  • Project management
  • Staff evaluation & recruitment
  • Household running costs & payroll
  • Management – ongoing day to day management and advice covering;
  • Staff
  • Residential lettings
  • Farming, forestry, equestrian and commercial property management
  • Strategy – strategic planning and diversification
  • Limiting exposure to liabilities both for now and future generations
  • Insurance, land use & planning potential
  • Succession planning
  • Environment – energy efficiency & environmental stewardship
  • Energy audit / renewables
  • Property Renovation
  • Grants & Subsidies

If you or your client owns a country house and would like to discuss how our services could help, please contact Michael Canby MRICS  01285 883740

The Full Range of Our Management Service

Butler Sherborn offers a wide range of management services that covers all aspects of rural property, within which Country House Consultancy fits.  There will inevitably be cross overs in what we do between property types and what specific clients need.


Residential Letting Management


Farm Management


Country House Consultancy


Estate Management



  • Secure tenant
  • AST, Service occupation
  • Lease Renewals
  • Rent Reviews
  • Repair & Maintenance
  • Residential Letting Legislation
  • EPC, Legionella





















  • Tenure – Owner Occupier, FBT, AHA, Cropping Licence
  • Contract Farming Agreement
  • BPS & Agri Environment Schemes
  • HLS & Countryside Stewardship Schemes
  • Stock Taking Valuations
  • Rent Reviews
  • 100 acres +
















  • Project Management
  • Lettings Management
  • Renewable Energy Appraisal
  • Land Management, Licences, in-hand management
  • Equestrian
  • Planning Support
  • Staff Management
  • 5 – 100 acres

















  • Strategic Estate Management & Business Planning
  • Trustee Reports
  • Planning & Diversification Projects
  • Residential & Agricultural Property Management
  • Budget & Financial Planning
  • Farm Subsidies
  • Shoot Management
  • Woodland Management
  • Mapping, Rights of Way, Wayleaves
  • Staff Management
  • 1,000 acres









Cotswold Land

Pip Menzel - November 2019

At all points I have found Butler Sherborn to of gone above and beyond to help with the process of selling our house. They offer a service that is modern in its approach yet old-fashioned and uniquely personable. We have found they're thoughtful and their knowledge of the market is second to none.
— Pip Menzel, November 2019