Four reasons why Dog Day Care is so beneficial to your dog -


1. Socialisation – If your dog is not exposed to other dogs in a natural off-lead way, regularly, they can become anti-social, which presents as dog reactivity, anxiety and aggression toward other dogs. Dogs are born social and crave contact with other dogs; a dog who doesn’t like other dogs is very un-doglike.

Early and consistent socialisation is the most important thing you can do with young puppies and is critical for their healthy development. 

2. Learning Social Cues – If dogs don’t get the proper exposure to other dogs they have a hard time reading them and get into more conflicts.

3. Exercise – We all know that our dogs need plenty of exercise, mentally and physically. While our dogs are giving us unconditional love, and helping reduce stress levels for their human

43% told the  that they walk their dogs between 31 to 60 minutes. However, 13% of owners told us their dog wasn’t walked every day, equating to over
1.4 million dogs not getting their physical needs met daily.

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4. You Get A Break – Having a dog is like having a child – another living thing that is dependent upon you for survival. It can be an exhausting day to day process, especially if you have a puppy or young dog.

Cirencester has now got a 4 star doggy day care centre with every doggy playleader fully qualified to Ofqual level 4 or above. Mocha and Maisy Doggy Playschool, gives dogs the chance to relax , play and find friends for a few hours in its 10 acre site, while giving our human members a much-needed break from the pressure of taking care of their dog for a little while and breaking the monotonous routines dogs can find themselves in, while we get on with everyday life.

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