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29th May 2020


The ancient Anglo Saxon town of Winchcombe is situated in a beautiful Cotswold valley mid-way between Broadway and Cheltenham (approx each 15 minutes away by car). It stands on the river Isborne and is referenced in the Domesday Book as Wincelcombe. 


It is much like a hundred other similar small market towns with its warm Cotswold stone architecture and feel of timelessness. The name means 'valley with a bend', and today Winchcombe still... more

28th May 2020

Welcome to the food revolution...


There’s no doubt that many things have been fundamentally changed in the last couple of months. Exercise patterns, modes of transport - even our working days are now facing up to a new dawn as we all adapt to being, for want of a better phrase, well-spaced. Exclusion zones are our new personal mantra.


Being spacially constrained limits eating options, of course. It is remarkable how the realisation dawns that providing every meal, every... more

28th May 2020

From famine to feast is perhaps over-stating the case slightly, but it is certainly fair to say that we have had our hands very full in the last two weeks. Since the Prime Minister and Government elected to permit restricted movement (allowing our team to begin viewings and visits once more) we have been able to show properties again, albeit following strict distancing protocols and with everyone wearing the requested PPE.


This has been hugely welcome and much appreciated by... more

28th May 2020


On the 1st June 2019 the above Act came into force across England and introduced fundamental changes to the fees and charges that landlords, and/or letting agents, can seek to recover from a tenant.   

Whilst the legislation applied to all new tenancies from 1st June 2019, it also includes all ongoing tenancies from the 1st June 2020.     

What does this mean for your tenancy agreement that you have ongoing with your current tenant?  In essence, the Act bans all... more

18th May 2020

The Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rental Sector (England) Regulations 2020 



In January 2020 the Government announced the above regulations were being passed through Parliament and we can now confirm that these will come into effect from  1st June 2020.   


The regulations apply to all new tenancies created from 1st July 2020 and for all ongoing and existing tenancies from 1st April 2021.   The requirements are that private landlords must ensure that the Electrical Safety Standards are met in a residential property, during a tenancy... more

14th May 2020


Given its current position as one of the UK’s most popular holiday destinations, it is perhaps not surprising that the Cotswolds has developed an equally strong reputation for fine foods and dining experiences. Whether you are looking to source raw ingredients, fresh fruit and veg or even if you would rather someone else took on the role of creator (leaving you to consume!), the following are a list of Cotswold-based companies providing some truly special foodie delights... more

13th May 2020

“A week is a long time in politics” – so is a day!  In the morning yesterday the Housing Secretary tells us no easing on estate agency and in the afternoon the Health Secretary amends the Covid-19 regulations that allow buyers, tenants and agents to travel to visit houses!


Accordingly we are now able to organise viewings and market appraisals and, importantly buyers and tenants know that they are now allowed to come and see houses and to resume their moving plans. ... more

12th May 2020


These remain difficult times for all and we hope everyone is staying safe and well.  We are very conscious of people’s livelihoods.


The Housing Secretary confirmed after the Prime Minister’s statement on Monday on Covid-19 that the restrictions placed on house selling and renting were not to be eased.  We continue to follow Government guidelines, despite our eagerness to “get back to work” for our clients and staff. 

... more
7th May 2020

The Birmingham Of Yore

It seems remarkable today, but back in Roman times, when a wall was built around the Roman city in the late 2nd century, it enclosed 240 acres (1 km²), making Corinium the second-largest city by area in Britain.  80 miles west of the city and lying on the lower dip slopes of the Cotswolds, Cirencester straddles the River Churn shortly before the river merges, just outside Cricklade, with the mighty Thames itself before rolling on to London.... more

6th May 2020


“Pick For Britain” 

Only a third of the seasonal pickers from oversees have arrived in the UK. To help ensure the UK fruit and vegetable harvest goes ahead, the government has launched their new website  Farm businesses are being encouraged to post their job vacancies to help recruit the 80,000 seasonal agricultural workers needed.  The government hopes that this could create an opportunity for... more

1st May 2020


Lying east of Gloucester and west of Oxford, Burford is a popular destination for tourists and sightseers alike. Known as the “Gateway to the Cotswolds”, it is a haven for those who love browsing amongst antique shops, stopping for tea in the high street, or generally just exploring this historic market town. Visitors come from all over the world to appreciate the old stone and Tudor and Georgian fronted houses, as well as the iconic medieval bridge. Burford has... more

30th April 2020


It is hugely difficult, during these unprecedented times, to be able to make accurate forecasts for the future of the property market. Indeed it is very hard indeed to predict what life itself will look like in even a month's time for us all, as we adapt to what will  be fundamental changes to life and how we live it.

Despite this uncertainty, at Butler Sherborn we have been working very hard to build and maintain as much momentum as we can, in preparation for these next... more

29th April 2020

"We may think we are nurturing our garden, but in fact our garden is nurturing us."  Jenny Uglow (author and publisher).




Recently, having more home time than we had anticipated has had many consequences; many of them challenging as we all adapt to lockdown limitations.  Every cloud brings its own silver lining however; more time at home means more opportunities to really enjoy what it offers. Our gardens have arguably never been so appreciated as now.


Being an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), the Cotswolds has always... more

27th April 2020


As COVID19 continues to challenge us, there is increasing acknowledgement that, when restrictions ease, life must resume as quickly as possible and in as many ways as it can. Schools will re-open, ease of movement will return and businesses - and lives - will resume their old and maybe new patterns. For a significant number of you, previously-paused plans may be restarted. 

Once you have taken the decision to sell then this must be decisive. ... more

24th April 2020


When you think of the Cotswolds, what springs to mind? Narrow streets and market squares, perhaps. Certainly the architecture; that distinctive stone and roof tiled look, with mullioned windows and studded wooden doors. Perhaps you are even considering a more contemporary feel with green-painted window frames and brushed silver metalwork. Whatever you are currently envisaging, you will find it all in the historic market town of Stow-On-The-Wold.

‘Stow on the Wold, where the... more

21st April 2020

Rights of Way and Covid 19

Farmers and Landowners have, not surprisingly, seen an increase in the use of footpaths and bridleways as part of the publics permitted daily exercise during the Covid-19 lock down. Although a great resource for the public to be able to exercise in the countryside, it comes with additional risks to those who work in it, live in it and also those now exploring it.

Despite the temptation for farmers and landowners to block or obstruct a right of way... more

20th April 2020

This is usually the time of year when we announce any promotions,  and this year is no different despite the extraordinary challenges for COVID-19.  The Partners are therefore delighted to confirm that Sophie Keogh and Hennie Carter have been promoted to Associates.   


Sophie is senior negotiator in our residential sales team in Cirencester with a level of energy, enthusiasm and organisation that makes her highly valued by those whose properties she is selling. 

 ... more

20th April 2020

Viewing thoughts for grown-ups...

So here we still are; the government is continuing with its advice to stay home, stay safe and continue our collective protection of the NHS. This is hard - of course it’s hard - but it is obviously the right thing to do in these unprecedented times. 


This is not the forum to debate the whys and wherefore of ongoing policy; this can be left to those more qualified than us to decide. What we can do however is continue to provide advice and guidance in areas... more

16th April 2020

The effects of the Covid-19 lockdown are proving a challenge for everyone and we do not underestimate those.  There will be some of you who may want to sell your home and move when Government regulations allow; many have been in touch.  So often we find a buyer at the right price, but then the sale stalls for lack of preparation; for example, a buyer’s solicitor unearths a problem with Listed Building Consent or some form of third party rights.  


... more
15th April 2020

Catch up on some family favourites...

There’s something very indulgent about being able to hunker down in front of a good film. It is unusual to be able to find the time, but if there’s one thing that the current situation is giving us; it’s time to spend at home. And what better way to indulge yourself than catch up on a movie or two?


Almost as good as watching a good film is debating what a good film is! In Butler Sherborn we have been conducting a straw poll among ourselves to find out what have been the films... more

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