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28th May 2020


On the 1st June 2019 the above Act came into force across England and introduced fundamental changes to the fees and charges that landlords, and/or letting agents, can seek to recover from a tenant.   

Whilst the legislation applied to all new tenancies from 1st June 2019, it also includes all ongoing tenancies from the 1st June 2020.     

What does this mean for your tenancy agreement that you have ongoing with your current tenant?  In essence, the Act bans all... more

18th May 2020

The Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rental Sector (England) Regulations 2020 



In January 2020 the Government announced the above regulations were being passed through Parliament and we can now confirm that these will come into effect from  1st June 2020.   


The regulations apply to all new tenancies created from 1st July 2020 and for all ongoing and existing tenancies from 1st April 2021.   The requirements are that private landlords must ensure that the Electrical Safety Standards are met in a residential property, during a tenancy... more

13th May 2020

“A week is a long time in politics” – so is a day!  In the morning yesterday the Housing Secretary tells us no easing on estate agency and in the afternoon the Health Secretary amends the Covid-19 regulations that allow buyers, tenants and agents to travel to visit houses!


Accordingly we are now able to organise viewings and market appraisals and, importantly buyers and tenants know that they are now allowed to come and see houses and to resume their moving plans. ... more

12th May 2020


These remain difficult times for all and we hope everyone is staying safe and well.  We are very conscious of people’s livelihoods.


The Housing Secretary confirmed after the Prime Minister’s statement on Monday on Covid-19 that the restrictions placed on house selling and renting were not to be eased.  We continue to follow Government guidelines, despite our eagerness to “get back to work” for our clients and staff. 

... more
6th May 2020


“Pick For Britain” 

Only a third of the seasonal pickers from oversees have arrived in the UK. To help ensure the UK fruit and vegetable harvest goes ahead, the government has launched their new website  Farm businesses are being encouraged to post their job vacancies to help recruit the 80,000 seasonal agricultural workers needed.  The government hopes that this could create an opportunity for... more

30th April 2020


It is hugely difficult, during these unprecedented times, to be able to make accurate forecasts for the future of the property market. Indeed it is very hard indeed to predict what life itself will look like in even a month's time for us all, as we adapt to what will  be fundamental changes to life and how we live it.

Despite this uncertainty, at Butler Sherborn we have been working very hard to build and maintain as much momentum as we can, in preparation for these next... more

27th April 2020


As COVID19 continues to challenge us, there is increasing acknowledgement that, when restrictions ease, life must resume as quickly as possible and in as many ways as it can. Schools will re-open, ease of movement will return and businesses - and lives - will resume their old and maybe new patterns. For a significant number of you, previously-paused plans may be restarted. 

Once you have taken the decision to sell then this must be decisive. ... more

21st April 2020

Rights of Way and Covid 19

Farmers and Landowners have, not surprisingly, seen an increase in the use of footpaths and bridleways as part of the publics permitted daily exercise during the Covid-19 lock down. Although a great resource for the public to be able to exercise in the countryside, it comes with additional risks to those who work in it, live in it and also those now exploring it.

Despite the temptation for farmers and landowners to block or obstruct a right of way... more

20th April 2020

This is usually the time of year when we announce any promotions,  and this year is no different despite the extraordinary challenges for COVID-19.  The Partners are therefore delighted to confirm that Sophie Keogh and Hennie Carter have been promoted to Associates.   


Sophie is senior negotiator in our residential sales team in Cirencester with a level of energy, enthusiasm and organisation that makes her highly valued by those whose properties she is selling. 

 ... more

16th April 2020

The effects of the Covid-19 lockdown are proving a challenge for everyone and we do not underestimate those.  There will be some of you who may want to sell your home and move when Government regulations allow; many have been in touch.  So often we find a buyer at the right price, but then the sale stalls for lack of preparation; for example, a buyer’s solicitor unearths a problem with Listed Building Consent or some form of third party rights.  


... more
9th April 2020

Thinking of moving to the Cotswolds? Use this time to explore the towns and villages online to see where might suit you best...



· Sam Butler of the Cotswolds property specialist, Butler Sherborn says that people are already reappraising what’s important in life once Covid-19 passes

· ‘Home is where the heart is’ and the ‘quality of life’ will inform future property choices and lifestyle decisions

· Cotswold stone properties new to the market: Quenington House - the perfect ‘forever home’ - £2.65million, and One Hope Cottage, a great second home - £400,000


“Without in... more

6th April 2020

At the end of March 2020, the Government introduced the Coronavirus Act 2020, which outlines a number of temporary measures to help protect, from eviction, both private and social tenants, during the current coronavirus pandemic.


Notice Requiring Possession

Within the coronavirus legislation, the government has increased the notice period a landlord is required to give a tenant – from 2 months to 3 months’ notice of their... more

2nd April 2020

As one of many employees currently working from home this week, this query was brought into sharp focus when my boiler chose this of all weeks to make some very strange sounds, then shut down completely.


We needed heating and hot water; equally we must heed government instruction on social distancing and not visiting other people or dwellings. So where does this leave homeowners,  and in particular Landlords and Tenants, who have this sort of problem with their property?  ... more

31st March 2020

There are numerous ways to offer help and get involved, from lending a hand to local charities, to supporting the unstinting efforts of the NHS.

As a result of the recent Government initiative and call for volunteers, NHS England has seen an inspirational response from the public to become NHS Volunteer Responders.

This should not discourage anybody from coming forward to assist in local volunteer centres or locally based charities or indeed the NHS. ( NHS England Coronavirus volunteer) In these restricted times, it makes sense to contribute to the local community. Both Volunteering Matters  ( more

30th March 2020

These are such very difficult times for everyone in lockdown due to the unprecedented Coronavirus Pandemic.

This will, of course, end but at a human and financial cost.  With everyone’s support for the NHS, and amongst ourselves in our communities, we will get through this together.

At Butler Sherborn, we are following all the  Government rules and NHS guidelines, whilst our staff, working remotely, endeavour to provide clients with services, and advice where we can.  We are very much on the end of our telephones and e-mails.

Clearly we all need to keep busy; exercising while doing... more

24th March 2020


In accordance with Government Guidelines, Butler Sherborn LLP have shut their offices.
Despite these constraints, we are committed to delivering the services required by our clients during the current COVID-19 outbreak, and have full remote working arrangements in place. All staff can be contacted, as usual, by email and telephone throughout the working day.

In compliance with Government and NHS Guidelines, full and detailed Protocols for Staff and Office practices... more

18th March 2020

Butler Sherborn LLP - Response to Covid-19 & Business Continuity Plan (18 March 2020)

As the impact of Covid – 19 continues to rapidly develop we want to give you re assurance that we are committed to protecting the health and well-being of our staff, their families, our clients and any other members of the public with whom we come into contact with. We are very much “open for business” with houses for sale, rent, valuations being undertaken, and rural property being managed – albeit with inspections and viewings only taking place under controlled conditions.

We are... more

17th March 2020

Farmers markets, delis & award-winning food and drink producers. Four beautiful period homes from Butler Sherborn, the Cotswolds property specialist from £425,000 - £1.45million

If you’re looking for great British food that’s produced close to home, move to the Cotswolds. Not only is this the largest designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in England and Wales, the Cotswolds also produces some of the finest food and drink, so whatever suits your taste you’ll be spoilt for choice. 

And to really embrace the country living lifestyle, how about one of these beautiful period homes from Butler Sherborn, the Cotswolds property specialist.

Cotham... more

16th March 2020


The Basic Payment Scheme 2020 online window is now open with the deadline for applications being Wednesday 15th May.

Provided that your submission has been made by the scheme deadline, you will be able to make amendments to your application up until the 31st May, without penalty.

The Rural Payments Agency has confirmed that the application process will be in line with last years process, however, BPS payments will only be made in sterling for the 2020 scheme year... more

6th March 2020


In conjunction with our associated office, The London Office, Butler Sherborn are taking their Stand in Chelsea Town Hall at The London & Country Property Show on the afternoon of Tuesday 28th April 2020 1.30-6.30pm.

The Show provides an excellent opportunity for us to showcase and promote our clients’ houses to those actively looking to relocate or have a second home in the Cotswolds. All registered London applicants receive an Invitation to the Show and our Stand.

... more

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